AimDroix first started on 2013 when the Founder, Michael Maymi, came up with the idea of having a stronger option for DJI type multirotor arms while he was working on his first drone project. The plastic arms of the DJI drone frames were very weak and broke easily, which caused frustrations and unhappiness while working on this project. To solve this the Michael designed a solution out of an aluminum square tube, and the AimDroix aluminum arms were born. This simple idea was the spark that led all the products that we now make. Since then, our goal has been to produce innovative products that make you have an exhilarating experience. We work really hard on creating the products that you will enjoy using.

Recently, in June 2017, we finally moved to our first office and warehouse space in Columbus, Ohio. We are now able to work from an actual business place that has all of our tools and equipment within the same space. With a CNC router, milling machine, and a LOT of 3D printers, we now have all we need to develop the most awesome products in the world. With all these resources we will continue making stuff that you'll enjoy and useful for your daily life. With every purchase that you make from us, you will become part of the community that help us catapult to the next generation of AimDroix products.

Our goal is to create non-existing solutions that will help us to enjoy life and share this with people and connecting people together through our products.

Our address is:

Aimdroix, LLC

1697 Westbelt Dr.

Columbus, OH 43228